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..........I am excited to report that I have now created a site for those looking for online Exchange Assignments, commonly known as StateSide Swaps. This is a feature you will find only on "The Army Link". Click on the link below, or for convenience, click here. Best of luck on that swap!

..........Tired of following elusive links from page to page, each providing only a couple sites at a time? The Army Link was created to try to eliminate that hassle. My entire site is structured to minimize your time searching, by grouping links together by subject and providing quick links to each subject. If you would like to read more about the site, then click here.

..........If you have difficulty with any of the links, or if you know of an interesting or helpful site that is U.S. Army oriented, or if you would just like to send along some feedback about the site, please E-Mail me at or, once you have checked out the site, please sign my guestbook and let me know what you think. Click here to view the current guestbook or, if you wish to view any of my past guestbooks, click on one of the links at the bottom of the page.

Army Colleges, Schools, and Academies U.S. Army National Guard - Links of particular interest to the National Guard U.S. Army Reserve - Links of particular interest to the Reserve Component Branch Specific Links - Links to sites specifically geared towards particular branches such as Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Ordnance, Quartermaster, Finance, etc... Military Counseling - Links to professional counseling resources, both military and civilian Continuing Education - Links to professional Army Continuing Education System sites, both military and civilian Free Stuff - If you're just surfin' to check out the site, here's an interesting page to check out.  Great stuff for your leisure time.... U.S. Government Links - Various government agencies and locations, such as the White House, Congress, the Senate, various governmental departments, etc... Graphics and Images - Sites containing imagery of interest to the military for use as clipart, inclusion in slide presentations, web art, etc... Military Hobbies - Hobbies of a military nature such as military model building and collecting, etc... Honors, Traditions, and History - Those sites which inspire soldiers with knowledge from our history and the standards past, present, and future Leisure Sites and Games - These are for your off-duty enjoyment, and include many of the sweepstakes websites and leisure activity sites Links Pages - Pages similar to The Army Link which contain links to other sites Logistics - Agencies which procure, move, and manage personnel, supplies, and materiel Army Magazines, Periodicals, News, Etc... Major Commands - Direct access to the various Head-Sheds throughout the military Medical and Health Sites - Suited for those directly assigned in Medical Specialties and those seeking care from medical facilities worldwide Military Brats - Children of Former and Present Servicemembers Military Justice - Includes sites which specialize in UCMJ, Separation Proceedings, legal actions, etc... Military Style Training and Competition - Training which is provided on a Weekend Warrior basis.  Custom made for those wanting a taste of the military or a chance to rekindle the old fire from former times Miscellaneous Links Montgomery G.I. Bill - Information about one of our most valuable benefits NCO and Officer Support Sites - Providing professional development and resource links to further the institutional knowledge of the Army's Leadership Official Travel and Moving - Links providing assistance during official travel and other moves On-Line Military Communities - Many of today's sites are actually on-line communities where visitors can interact and exchange information almost as easily as you could with a next door neighbor.  These sites are of this genre, with a particular appeal to soldiers, family members, and friends.... Military Pay and Finances - Links to military pay sites and various other financial sites of interest to soldiers Personal Pages - Those pages defying placement elsewhere in The Army Link Personnel, Promotions, and Retention - Links to sites which support and provide soldier administrative actions and functions U.S. Army Posts - Locate military installations worldwide U.S. Army Ranger Links - Specifically geared towards the Gung-Ho! Regulations, References, Publications, Forms, Etc... - The go-to sources for downloadable reference material from a broad range of subjects and backgrounds Research and Technology - Those sites on the leading edge in the development of Army Technology and the continuing research which ensures the continued worldwide strength of the U.S. Army Retirement and Job Search Services - Made for those either retiring or those who are at their ETS and who wish to get a head start on the civilian job market Safety and HazMat Links - Safety and HazMat links to aid in enforcing the day to day guidance in handling hazardous materials Search for a Site - Includes links to sites outside of The Army Link domain, as well as search engines for locating those sites Shopping and Collecting - Links particularly helpful to soldiers and family members in locating hard to find merchandise StateSide Swaps - Trying to get reassigned closer to home?  Send along your information to be added to the list Training Doctrine - Sites which govern the way the Army conducts the business of training Traveling and Family Sites - Family oriented sites designed to aid transition of soldiers and family members U.S. Army Units Home Pages - Includes links submitted that connect to specific units worldwide Veterans - For those who have served.......and those who have fallen........before us

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Here are the most recent additions to "The Army Link". Please don't be surprised as links are removed. Each one I place here is also in it's appropriate location, accessible via the table of contents at the top of this page. I try to not have more than 10 sites in this section, so I delete the oldest one, but I still leave the other copy of the link until it no longer works. It will also be removed immediately if it should happen to become obnoxious, anti-military, or of questionable ethical values.......Enjoy.......'s a site for those with the highest levels of hooah! You'll find links to a broad range of topics, oriented towards all soldiers, as well as Infantrymen. There are also bulletin boards for each of the services.......a great way to post questions and get feedback on various issues and concerns. Enjoy the visit..............

America's Army....A description of this site is best found in the following quote from the Frequently Asked Questions page. "The America's Army game provides civilians with an inside perspective and a virtual role in today's premier land force: the U.S. Army. The game is designed to provide an accurate portrayal of Soldier experiences across a number of occupations. To accomplish this we designed the America's Army game to include the Operations game, a 3D action game that portrays training and small unit actions, as well as Soldiers, the role-playing portion to be released in 2003, which allows players to navigate life's challenges to achieve life goals in the Army." The game is free and can be downloaded from the website or it can be requested from an Army Recriter. Keep in mind that the download is fairly huge (330 megs) and will take quite a while to download with dial up...............

Find Your BAH Rate....Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) varies from post to post and is dependent upon your rank. If you would like to find out quickly how much BAH you are authorized, or you are planning out your move and want to learn the rates at your next post, then this link is just what you needed..............

Miles 2000....If you want to get the most out of the new generation MILES equipment, then instruction manuals are a must. Here you'll find links to operator's manuals for the different components of MILES 2000. There is also a Support Bulletin Board where you can post questions and find answers to technical and tactical questions..............

Military Sentinel....This quote from their site says it best....."Military Sentinel is a project of the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Defense to identify and target consumer protection issues that affect members of the United States Armed Forces and their families. To file a consumer complaint, click on your service seal. This will link you to the consumer complaint forms. Military Sentinel also provides a gateway to consumer education materials covering a wide range of consumer protection issues, from auto leasing, to identity theft, to work-at-home scams. To view consumer education material and find out more about the Federal Trade Commission, click on the Federal Trade Commission seal. Military Sentinel allows members of the United States Armed Forces to enter consumer complaints directly into a database that is immediately accessible by over 500 law enforcement organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. These law enforcement agencies use this complaint data to target cases for prosecution and other enforcement measures. The information from Military Sentinel can also be used by members of the JAG staff and others in the Department of Defense to help protect armed services members and their families from consumer protection-related problems." The bottom line is, this is a great avenue to use in reporting problems to the authorities...............

Consumer Protection from the Federal Trade Commission....This is a link within the FTC site, but it contains a significant amount of information on scams, identity theft, lending, travel, and more...............

The Web's Largest Heraldic Dictionary....Try reading the official description of your unit crest....... terms like "a pale interlaced", "of or and gules", an "annulet counterchanged" and more tells you ver little in plain English. Now, you can look up these terms to learn exactly what they mean. Definitely a helpful site which I personally used for the purpose of interpreting my unit's crest description..............

1SG Discussion Network.... The sum total experience of all active and reserve component First Sergeants easily goes into thousands of years. Ever wondered how you could tap into that vast storehouse of knowledge? Well, here it is.....the 1SG Discussion Network. Command Sergeants Major have had one for quite some time. Finally there is something that we First Sergeants can turn to. Signing up is simple. Provide your info in the fields at the bottom of the page, then press submit. Once you're signed up, you'll receive updates on all of the discussion topics. You can also go straight to the site and view all message traffic. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you there..............

Reflections of Honor....Here's an online store that specializes in military type items like pins, badges, cups, flags, t-shirts, rings, display cases, bumper stickers and much, much more. They even do custom work like creating pins, patches, and embroidery work. I could spend several hours describing all of the items available for sale, so it's worth your time to check it out. An added bonus is the Better Business Bureau Online Certificate verifying that the site meets all of the BBB's criteria for service and reliability..............

The Patriot Files....If you're a history buff or you are just interested in hearing stories about combat from the folks who have been there, then this site is for you. They have articles for your reading pleasure, or you can check out the gallery of photos, take part in an online chat, check out the news, or maybe look for a buddy using the locator link...............

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