DefendAmerica....For those of you looking for military news, photo galleries and more, this is a site you won't want to pass up.............. much do you know about your social security benefits? How about retired pay? Veterans benefits? TRICARE? Career transition? Well, here's a site that provides all of this information, and much more, absolutely free! You can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter that helps keep you up to date with the latest information affecting federal employees (and that includes us "G.I.'s").'s another quality site that provides an extensive amount of information which affects soldiers. Benefits are always a prime concern; the folks at FedWeek do a great job of getting that information out. They offer some info for free and some is for sale in handbooks. I personally purchased "Retired Military Personnel Handbook" to start preparing for my own retirement in approximately 3 years. In my opinion, it was definitely worth the $12.95 I paid (that includes the shipping and handling). There is also a regular email newsletter that you can sign up to receive. are many sites that sponsor "newsletters" and this is one of the better ones. You can sign up here to receive regular updates, or you can just check out some of the previous newsletters in the archives. I personally subscribe to this one and have found it to be a very good source of news concerning the military community. Definitely worth the visit.........

Army Public Affairs...If you are a news hound, are in to military photos, or just want to check out the latest news, this site is for you........

The NCO Journal...No military publication addresses leadership issues for Noncommissioned Officers the way "The NCO Journal" does. From cover to cover, it is a "must read" for anyone dedicated to the principles of leadership. Now, you can check it out won't be disappointed.

The Stars and Stripes - Pacific Edition....It's read daily by thousands of soldiers stationed in the Pacific Region. Now you can check it out online and catch up on the news affecting you. You can even learn about the history of The Stars and Stripes newspaper.........

The Stars and Stripes - European Edition....Here's the version tailored to those stationed in Europe.........

Army Times...Brings up the on-line version of the popular Army Times Weekly Newspaper.

Soldiers Online...Soldiers Online is the electronic "sister" of Soldiers magazine, the U.S. Army's official magazine. The purpose of this site is to showcase what America's soldiers; men and women in the active Army, National Guard and Reserves; do as they serve their country.

DoD Media Center Home Page...Links you to the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) and the Defense Visual Information Center (DVIC) which is the official Department of Defense (DoD) records center for the storage and preservation of significant visual information (VI) material.

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service (AFRTS)...Here's a direct link, straight to the AFRTS Home Page. Soldiers deployed worldwide depend on this service for the latest news from "back home".

AFN Bavaria...Check out the Armed Forces Network in Bavaria, Germany. If you happen to have "RealAudio" you can actually listen to the broadcast...

The Stars and Stripes Online (Pacific version)

Armed Forces Journal International

Armor Magazine On-Line

Army Logistician

Defense Issues

Journal of Electronic Defense

Military Review


PS Magazine

United States Army Safety Program

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